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Meet NFT Artist Roman Marshanski

Roman Marshanski in Magdalene

Former Hollywood actor, Roman Marshanski is the founder of a popular humor website and CompTIA Security+ certified information security professional.

He has worked with a Steven Spielberg protege Rebecca Cremona on her short film Magdalene.

Right now, you’re looking at a photo of him on the set of that award-winning film.

Roman loves comedy. That’s why he created

He took it from zero to many thousands of monthly visits.

While doing so, he wrote hundreds of satirical articles, some of which may be actually be funny and some of which are definitely funny only in his imagination.

He’s also a digital artist. His NFT artist name is Rsoteric.

Right now, you’re looking at one of the images he created.

His AI art NFTs that showcase and celebrate the greatness of Pablo Picasso are available in this amazing OpenSea Collection.

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